These are KEYWORDS which you should use wherever possible

brownfield site Land that has been used, abandoned and now awaits some new use. Commonly found in urban areas, particularly in the inner city.
ethnic group A group of people sharing the same characteristics of race, nationality, language or religion.
greenfield site A plot of land in a rural area that has not yet been subject to any development.
inner city That part of the built-up area and close to the CBD, often characterised by old housing, poor services and brownfield sites.
mega-city A city with a population exceeding 10 million.
shanty town An area of makeshift and unsanitary housing, often occupied by squatters (no legal right to occupy).
socio-economic group A group of people distinguished by employment, income and social characteristics such as education and family status.
social deprivation The degree to which an individual or an area is deprived of services, decent housing, adequate income and local employment.
urbanisation The process of becoming more urban, mainly through more and more people living in towns and cities.
urban regeneration The revival of old parts of the built-up area by either installing modern facilities in old buildings (known as renewal) or opting for redevelopment

Key questions
1. What is urbanisation?
2. What affects the rate of urbanisation and the emergence of mega-cities?
3. What are the problems associated with rapid urbanisation?
4. How and why is urban land use functions divided up?
5. What the reasons for and consequences of segregation between different ethnic or socio-economic groups? ( case study of land use and socio-economic distribution of one city) And also videos about Manchester
6. Where do you find shanty towns? What are the problems and how can they be improved? (A case study of shanty town management in a LIC city)
7. How are the edges of HIC cities changing? What is the Greenfield v brown field debate?
8. What are the changing fortunes in inner cities? How are cities regenerated and re-imaged?( a case study of an urban area that is changing).And also videos about Manchester
See 6.5 as it is covered there
9 What is the role of planners, politicians and developers?
10. Landuse and environmental qualityin HICs
11 Useful links and revision sites