These are KEYWORDS which you should use wherever possible

agro-forestry Combining agriculture and forestry, as in the planting of windbreaks in areas suffering from wind erosion or growing trees for fuel.
deforestation The felling and clearance of forested land.
desertification The spread of desert-like conditions into semi-arid areas.
drought A long, continuous period of dry weather.
global warming A slow but significant rise in the Earth’s temperature. It may be caused by the build up of excessive amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which increase the greenhouse effect.
greenhouse effect The warming of the Earth’s atmosphere because pollution is preventing heat from escaping into space.
overgrazing Putting too many animals on grazing land so that the vegetation cover is gradually destroyed.
soil erosion The removal of soil by wind and water and by the movement of soil downslope. a guys who writes about everything to do with desertification!

A must watch video:

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Key questions
1. What is a fragile environment and how does this link with sustainability?
2. What are the causes of soil erosion?
3. What are the causes of desertification?
4. What are the consequences of desertification? (a case study of region affected by soil erosion, the Sahel)
5. How can soil managed? (examples of ways to alleviate it)
6. What are the causes of deforestation?
7. What are the consequences of deforestation? (case study of an area suffering from deforestation)
8. How can rainforests be managed sustainably? (examples of sustainable management)
9. What are the causes of climate change?
10. What are the consequences? ( case study of a country which is suffering from it).
11. How can global warming be managed? ( case study of international al action)
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