These are KEYWORDS which you should use wherever possible

ecotourism A form of tourism which aims to conserve fragile ecosystems and ensure that its benefits (jobs, income) are retained within the local area.
forced migration A movement of people caused by a push factor such as religious persecution or famine.
foreign investment Undertaken by companies to extend their business interests overseas. It might involve creating a new source of raw materials (for example a mine), setting up a branch factory, opening new retail outlets or buying shares in a foreign company.
interdependence The drawing together of the countries of the world by the processes of globalisation.
pull factor Something that attracts a migrant to a new location (for example freedom, a better job).
push factor Something in the home area that forces or persuades a migrant to move away (for example persecution, poverty).
refugee A person who flees their country to avoid war, the threat of death, oppression or persecution.
trade The buying and selling of goods and services between countries.
voluntary migration This involves people who have chosen (not been forced) to move. Perhaps they have been persuaded to migrate by pull factors such as better housing or a higher paid job.

Key questions
1. Why is global economy increasing and what are the factors encouraging it?
2. How and why is manufacturing shifting location?
3. What are the costs and benefits of TNCs? ( case study of the global operation of a TNC or a TNC in one country)
4. How and why is global tourism growing? ( case study of a package tourist destination)
5. What is the impact of mass tourism on the environment and on the people of the destination are?
6. What attempts are being made to make tourism more sustainable? (case study of of sustainable tourism)
7. What are the basic concepts within migration?
8. What are the types of migration and what push/pull factors influence them?
9. How can migration be managed? ( case study of international migration)
10. Links and useful stuff