Welcome to the InterHigh IGCSE Geography wiki

We follow the Edexcel syllabus but this is not endorsed by Edexcel
As we have no suitable textbook yet, this will set out to give you the basics of each unit.
Different way of grouping countries: the modern exam syllabus no longer uses LEDC, NIC and MEDC - sorry guys as you have just got to grips with that! Follow the link to see the new definitions!
Each topic is divided up into key questions. To read the section on a key question, you will need to link from the Topic page. If for example, you need to look up the hydrological cycle from the river environment topic, go to river environments and then go down to key questions and click on the one about hydrological cycles (Qu1) and it will take you to a whole section about it.
Here is a nearly complete world map - and just about correct too! top show High income countriesMiddle income countries and Low income countries

Section A — The natural environment and people
You will need to study 2 of these
Topic 1 — River environments
Topic 2 — Coastal environments
Topic 3 — Hazardous environments

Section B — People and their environments
You will need to study 2 of these
Topic 4 — Economic activity and energy
Topic 5 — Ecosystems and rural environments
Topic 6 — Urban environments

Section C — Global issues
You will need to study 1 of these
Topic 7 — Fragile environments
Topic 8 — Globalisation and migration
Topic 9 — Development and human welfare

This is quite a task - I have kept it as invited editors only, to avoid spam etc but would welcome any comments, addition etc - so please feel free to contact me with any good ideas, broken links etc - or just where you are from and what you are hoping to get here!!!